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Founded in 1856 in Offenbach, Germany, a suburb of Frankfurt considered to be the “leather capital of Germany” since the mid 1800s and has been the head office to other coveted German brands such as Seeger (founded in 1889) and Madler (founded in 1850). The last of “the big four” premium leathergoods producers in Germany, Montblanc was founded in 1906.

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Founded by Ludwig Krumm in 1856, the original name of Goldpfeil was Ludwig Krumm AG. Mr. Krumm’s strategy right from the beginning was to concentrate on producing leathergoods of the highest quality. Within twenty five years, around 200 employees were working for the company due to the increasing demand from the British market and the Russian upper class, as well as in many of the countries in mainland Europe.

In 1929, Heinrich Krumm travelled on the luxury train named Golden Arrow in London, England. So impressed by the quality of service, Herr Krumm simply translated “Gold Arrow” into German and renamed his company Goldpfeil. The company delivered its goods to more than 56 countries in the 1930s and even shops like Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue in the USA offered Goldpfeil leather bags and accessories as early as 1912.

By the 1950s, Goldpfeil had achieved the status worldwide of being among the world’s elite leather goods producers, alongside brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel. In 1956, French designer Christian Dior entered into a licensing agreement with Goldpfeil to produce all of the Christian Dior handbags. Goldpfeil operated its own boutiques in virtually every major city in Germany as well as in many countries around the world and beginning in 1984, Goldpfeil opened ten Goldpfeil shops in the USA, including stores on Fifth Avenue in New York, on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California; Bal Harbor, Florida; Honolulu, Hawaii and Dallas, Texas. There even was a Goldpfeil shop on the Island of Guam in the South Pacific.

Since 1998, the company expanded and became part of the Egana Goldpfeil Group which included premium luxury brands such as Joop, Comtesse, Salamander Shoes, the largest shoe company in Germany. As well, Goldpfeil was involved in a separate venture into the ultra premium watch business in Switzerland called Goldpfeil Geneve, where Goldpfeil created its own line of watches in limited production, commissioning some of the finest watch makers in Switzerland to create their own unique design of Goldpfeil wristwatch. In Europe, Goldpfeil leather bags and accessories were sold through Goldpfeil shops which were located in major cities throughout Germany including Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich. There also was a Goldpfeil shop in Paris, France. In the Asian market, there were Goldpfeil shops in Tokyo, Japan as well as in Hong Kong.


In December 2008, the parent corporation Egana Goldpfeil and all related companies of Egana Goldpfeil went into receivership. Under the direction of court appointed receivers, all of the companies under the Egana Goldpfeil umbrella were sold off to independent buyers. Four months prior to the insolvency, with the assistance of legendary Goldpfeil collector Klaus Zielinski of Altotting Germany, longtime Goldpfeil collector Eric Calladine of Toronto, Canada contacted Goldpfeil in Offenbach, Germany with the intention of re-introducing the brand to North America after an absence of six years. After travelling to Offenbach, Germany to meet with sales director, Andreas Mann, and Karin Disser, Export Manager, Mr. Calladine secured the exclusive North American rights to the brand and made a substantial purchase of over 3500 all new first grade Goldpfeil products. These first grade new Goldpfeil leather goods were seafreighted to Canada, and in an interview sales director Mr. Mann indicated that this was now the largest stock of Goldpfeil leather goods products in the world. Shortly after, when the insolvency occurred, Mr. Calladine made the decision to market these products on eBay USA under the name The Goldpfeil Shoppe (eBay store name) and The Goldpfeil Shop (eBay ID) where the products remain for sale today. The Goldpfeil Shop on eBay remains as a source for purchasing first grade Goldpfeil premium leathergoods products. The demand worldwide for Goldpfeil today remains incredibly strong.