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dietrich1Marlene Dietrich – Born on December 27, 1901, in Berlin, Germany, Marlene had the given name Maria Magdalene Dietrich. In her teens, she gave up music to explore acting. She appeared in her first film, Tragedy of Love, in 1923. She explored notions of femini.

The bag dear to Marlene’s heart
“Elegant and Steadfast Beauty”

Slender eyebrows, crimson lips, and the trademark pantaloon suit. In the 1930s, German actress Marlene Dietrich was the embodiment of a new kind feminine beauty, cool and self-assured. Her beloved Goldpfeil bag was an essential part of her style. Subtle beauty, set off by Goldpfeil’s practical chic, helped create an image of womanhood that was refined, steadfast and elegant.